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 JURA Z6-Z8 P.E.P Repairs

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Jura Z6 PEP Service Center Lansdale PA

Troubleshooting Jura Z6 and Z8 P.E.P Models

Jura Z6 and Z8 are the emost elegant and sophisticated fully automatic espresso machines designed by Jura. Both models feature a P.E.P (Pulse Extraction Process) technology that produces robust and flavorful ristretto and espresso's.

We specialize in repairs of both JURA Z6 and Z8 P.E.P models. We charge a flat labor rate of $300 to fix the machine. Parts needed to fix the machine and return shipping will be added to the final invoice.

Most commom error related to all Jura espresso machines is error code 8.  This error is received primarily due to lack of brew group maintenance.  We receive numerous emails from various Jura Z5 and Jura Z6 owners for error code 8.  Often Jura espresso owners try to clean out the used coffee grounds that get stuck in between the brew group and and its bottom attachment, also called drainage valve.  Although this might fix the error 8 temporarily but is not a permanent solution.

Used coffee grounds that are spilled over the drainage valve after the espresso extraction cause drainage valve clogging and ultimately lead to fungus and scale build up around the drainage valve.  This result in poor espresso quality as drainage valve starts to leak and minimizes the optimum pressure requires to extract aromatic espresso.  This can be verified by noticing slightly increased volume of water in the drip tray pan.

To encourage do it yourself repairs, we sell Jura replacement brew group, drainage valve, and a complete Jura brew group sealing kit.  We also sell the Jura key to open the machine without any hassle.

If you are unable to fix the brew group and other components of Jura Z5 and Z6 espresso machine, you can send the machine to us for repairs.  We fix your machine within two weeks time frame as we carry all the OEM replacement parts at our facility.  Our certified espresso machine technicians have been repairing Jura espresso machines since 2002.

A flat labor rate of $300 is charged to repair and service Jura Z Line machine (Models Z5, Z6, Z6 PEP, Z7, Z9). This includes complimentary cleaning, sanitizing, and maintenance of the brew group. Parts needed to fix the machine and the return shipping via UPS Ground will be additional and added to the final cost once the machine is repaired.

We will repair the machine and return it to you within two to three weeks. our customer service team member will call you with final repair amount and to confirm the return shipping address.Click here for shipping instructions.

Jura Z5 - Z6 Brew Group Replacement Parts


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 Jura Brew Group Z5, Z6, Z7, Z9

Drainage Valve Z5, Z6, Z7, Z9 

Jura Sealings and Repair Kit 

 Jura Heat Exchanger Z5, Z6, Z7, Z9, J6, J9





Jura Z5 - Z6 Boilers and Grinder Assembly





Jura Ceramic Valve Z Series

Jura Z5, Z6, Z7 Hot Water Boiler 120V

Jura Complete Grinder Assembly 120V

Jura Frother Dial Component





Click Here for complete selection of Jura Z series replacement parts

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