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Jura S9 - Jura S9 Parts

Jura S9 Parts

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We carry all the OEM replacement parts for Jura S series espresso machines.  Parts for S7/S8/S9/S9 One Touch are available. Most of the Jura S series models are identical to Jura X90 and X95. 

The above stated machines have two individual boilers or thermoblocks.  One is assigned for water heating and is bigger in size.  The other one is a tubular boiler designated to generate steam.  These separate boilers allow the users to make frothy cappuccinos and creamy lattes, instantly.

The internal components such as water and steam thermoblock, grinder assembly, membrane regulator, steam ceramic valve, steam solenoid valve and brew group are identical as well for all Jura S series and X90/X95 models. 

We carry most electrical components for these machines in 120V.  These include thermoblocks, grinder assemblies, and electrical transformer. We offer trade in option to customers for older S and X models, if the replacement parts in 120V are not available. 

Jura S, X, and XS series Repair Instructions

Jura S-X-XS series Grinder Assembly Replacement

Jura  S-X-XS series Thermoblock Replacement Instructions

Jura S-X-XS series Brew Group Replacement Instructions




Jura S series OEM Replacement Parts


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Jura Brew Group S series and X90/X95

Jura Thermoblock 120V S and X series

Jura Sealings Kit

Jura Grinder Assembly 120V S and X series

Coffee or ground coffee has been ground too finely and is blocking the system. The same filter cartridge may have been used several times or the water hardness is set incorrectly in the programming mode.

Put the grinder on a coarser setting or use coarser ground coffee.

Perform descaling.

'Fill Bean Container' is not displayed although the bean hopper is empty  The bean monitor is dirty Clean the bean container
'Empty Drip Tray' is always displayed The metal contacts of the drip tray are dirty or wet. Clean and dry the metal contacts on the back of the drip tray.
'Error 2' is displayed If the machine was exposed to the cold conditions for a long period of time, heating is disabled for safety reasons Set the machine in the room at room temperature.

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