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 Error Code

 Error Resolution

1 - Thermal sensor of the heating cartridge/thermoblock is not functioning


1 - Cable to the thermal sensor is broken or contact pins are corroded.


1 - The heating cartridge heats up and trips automatically as it over heats and fails to sense the correct temperature

Replace thermal sensor/overtemperature protection.



2 - Heating cartridge / thermoblock fails to warm up to the desired temperature to function


Replace thermal sensor/overtemperature protection.



3 - Thermal sensor of the steam heating systems has a short circuit and is defective.

3 - Fault in the heating circuit.

Replace thermal sensor/overtemperature protection. If this does not fix the error, then replace electronic board

4 - Thermal sensor of the steam heating system malfunction

4 - Thermal sensor cable is loose or broken

 Replace thermal sensor/overtemperature protection.


5 - Thermoblock / Heating cartridge malfunction

5 - Thermoblock fails to heat up

5 - electronic board is defective.  Resistance value between the connections can not be detected, no voltage on the connector pins

Check resistance of thermal sensor using Ohm meter.  If resistance is below 75F then replace thermal sensor

Replace thermoblock

Replace electronic board


8 - Brew Group is not correctly positioned.  This is the most frequently occurred error on all Jura Capresso machines.  Lack of brew group maintenance.  Brew group needs to be refusrbished i.e. replace piston seals and thorough lubrication.

8 - Brew Group encoder, a device that controls the upward and downward movenemt during brewing, is defective.

8 - Brew Group drive motor does not move; machine makes loud clicking noise.

 Refurbish, repair or replace brew group

Check encoder cable or replace encoder if necessary

Brew Drive motor not correctly installed after replacing the brew group.  The brew drive motor pinion is not alighned with the brew group guidance.  Replace brew drive motor or re-install it.

Fill System - Blockage or leakage in the fluid system


Isolate the leakage or blockage inside the machine.  Replace seals and o-rings to prevent from recurring.  It's a recommended exercise to descale the machine.  Seals and o-rings get hardened due to calcium sediment and cause leakage in the water passages.

Fill Beans - Grinder not grinding coffee beans and times out due to blocked ground coffee passage

Grinder burrs are blunted


Clear the coffee passage to the brew group.  Coffee passage is blocked due to use of oily beans.  Please use non-oily coffee beans and use coarser setting.  Ground coffee should be coarsed like salt grain.

Replace grinder burrs.

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