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Jura ENA Micro 9 Parts, Jura ENA Micro 1 Parts, Jura ENA Micro 5 Parts, Jura ENA Micro Espresso Machine Parts, Jura ENA Micro Espresso Machine Repairs. Jura ENA Micro Brew Group, Water Tank, Drip Tray, Frothing Tubes, Grinder Assembly, Thermoblock, Pressure Tubes, O-Rings, DIY Tune Up Kits, and Repair Tutorials.

The ENA Micro line is fully equipped with all the necessary hi-tech features for professional grinding (commercial quality conical burr grinder), high-pressure brewing (18-bar pressure pump and stainless steel lined thermoblock heating system), steam connector system (for use with manual and automatic frothers). The result: superb espressos, cappuccinos, lattes and long crema coffees. The easy to read LED display shows the coffee strength (mild, regular, strong) and the coffee volume (cup size) during brewing (from 1 to 8 oz. per cup).

The internal components of Jura ENA Micro series, such as Brew group, thermoblock, water pump, and grinder assembly are identical. ENA Micro 1 and 5 do NOT have a membrane regulator. ENA Micro 1 and Micro 5 only brews coffee and does not make cappuccino or latte machiatto's.

We carry all electrical components for these machines in 120V. These include thermoblock/boiler, grinder assembly, Invensys pumpand electrical transformer.

Watch the video below to learn how to open Jura ENA Micro espresso machine to perform DIY repair, maintenance, and access brew group.

The DIY tutorial video demonstrates how to remove the two oval head screws from the rear panel, hidden behind the Jura logo, and safely remove the side panels. You can replace the malfunctioning part inside the machine, replace the leaking o-rings and rebuild the brew group.

We repair all Jura ENA Micro espresso machines, in the case you are unable to fix it yourself.  CLICK HERE to review shipping instructions for repair.

We sell the Oval Head Tool to remove the oval head screws located on the rear of the machine behind the Jura logo. The oval head screws must be removed to take off the side panels for DIY maintenance, repairs. and brew group cleaning.

We do NOT recommend using Clearyl water filters for filtering water in the water tank. Instead, please descale the machine regularly every 6 months to remove calcium sediments from water passages inside the machine.

Jura ENA Micro Parts Diagram, Wiring Schematic, and Hydraulic System

ENA Micro 1

ENA Micro 5

ENA Micro 9




Jura ENA Micro OEM Replacement Parts





Jura Brew Group ENA Micro

Jura ENA Micro Thermoblock 120V

Jura Sealings Kit

Jura Grinder Assembly 120V E, F, and C series









Jura Oval Head Tool

Jura Membrane Regulator

Jura Water Tank ENA series series

Jura ENA Used Grounds Container





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