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JURA, After-Sales Service and Repair Center

We specialize in full repair and service of JURA Capresso super automatic machines at our state of the art repair facility based in Lansdale, Pennsylvania. We repair all JURA lines including Impressa, ENA, and GIGA.

Our qualified technicians have been servicing JURA coffee machines since 2002. Our goal is to make sure that after repair, your JURA coffee machine makes robust espresso, flavorful and aromatic coffee and foamy cappuccino's like it did when you purchased it brand new.

For JURA Capresso repairs and service inquiries, please email us  CustomerService@PartsGuru.com

Jura Service Center Lansdale PA

JURA Repair Procedure and Cost

A flat labor rate of $250 to $450 is charged, depending on the model (see Repair Cost link on top of page), to repair and service each machine.  This includes complimentary brew group rebuilding service (completely take apart the brew group, proper cleaning, sanitizing, and replacing the old worn out gaskets and o-rings in the brew group).  Cost of spare parts that are used to fix your JURA machine and Return Shipping via UPS Ground will be added to the flat labor rate.

Please fill out the shipping instructions and include it in the box. When shipping the machine, please explain in detail the issues you are experiencing with your JURA Capresso machine. It is helpful to provide prior maintenance history of the machine as well. That will help our technicians with diagnosing the malfunction and expedite the repair process.

We will repair the machine and return it to you within 1 to 2 weeks (subject to parts availability and repair volume).

CLICK HERE for shipping instructions.

How is the Repair Cost calculated?

Flat labor rate is applied to each machine depending on the JURA Capresso model plus cost of parts. Parts prices will be used as displayed on our website (www.shop.partsguru.com). Repaired machines are returned via UPS. Customer is responsible for shipping the machine both inbound and outbound.

For example: If you ship Jura E8 for repairs that uses parts of $100 value, the final repair cost will be $375 (see below). Flat Labor Rate + Cost of Parts + Return Shipping via UPS $250 + 100 + $25 (estimate used for this example) Final Repair Cost = $375.

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