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We repair and service all Jura Capresso and Impressa super automatic machines at our state of the art repair facility based in PA, USA. Our qualified technicians have been servicing Jura machines since 2002. Frequently repaired models are Jura E8, E9, E50, F5, F7, F8, F9, F50, S7, S8, S9, X90, J5, J6, J9, Z5, Z6, Z7, X7, X9, ENA 3, ENA 4, ENA 5, and ENA 9.

For Jura Capresso and service inquiries, please email us

A flat fee is charged to repair and service each Jura machine, (see the rate schedule below). Our service includes cleaning, sanitizing, and fixing the brew group, a $159 value brew group service. Flat fee includes return shipping via UPS Ground within continental USA; excludes Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska.

Machine is thoroughly inspected for all malfunctions and leakages. The seals and o-rings are replaced where necessary. Our mission is to restore the machine's full functionality so you can enjoy the best espresso at home. Please include a note in the box when shipping the machine stating the issues and malfunctions you are experiencing with your Jura Capresso machine.

A flat repair fee of $350 is charged for the following Jura Impressa Models and includes return shipping: C5, C9, E5, E8, E9, E10, E50, E55, E75, E85, ENA Micro, ENA3, ENA4, ENA5, ENA7, F5, F7, F8, F9, and F50.

A flat repair rate of $420 is charged for the following Jura Impressa Models and includes return shipping: Capresso C2000, Capresso C3000, ENA Micro 9 One Touch, ENA 9 One Touch, J5, J6, J9, S7, S8, S9, Z5, Z6, Z7, and Z9.

A flat repair rate of $480 is charged for the following Jura Impressa Models and includes return shipping: S90, S95, X90, X95, XS90, XS9, X7, X9, XJ9, and GIGA models.

When shipping your machine to our service center, please include a payment by check based on the repair pricing noted above for your model. Check should be made payable to Services Unlimited Inc. We will repair the machine and return it to you within two to three weeks. Additional $15 processing fee will be assessed when payment is made via credit card.

Please use the original packing that the machine came in. If that's not available, then please use the sturdy box to pack the machine in. Remove the water tank, used ground coffee container and the drip tray. Bubble wrap the machine; use padded cushioning around the machine when it's placed inside the box to avoid any damages during transit. Insure the machine, if necessary. Please ship using UPS or FedEx Ground service. Do NOT ship via USPS.  Click here for shipping instructions. Please note that Services Unlimited Inc. is not held liable/responsible for any damages incurred to the machine during to and from transportation. It is the owners responsibility to file shipping damage claims directly with the carrier.






   Jura Impressa C5 


Jura ENA 3 


Jura Impressa E55 

Type of Package

Package Description


Brew Group Refurbished

Replacement of your old brew group with the refurbished one. All refurbished brew groups are thoroughly cleaned, sanitized, and lubricated.

$159 - plus shipping

Swap old Brew Group with a brand new one

Mail your old or exisitng brew group without the brew group guide (Part at position 2 above) and coffee outlet spout (Part at position 11 above). We will replace it with a brand new brew group for your Jura Capresso model. The new brew group does not include coffee outlet spout and brew group guide from your existing brew group.

$159 - includes return shipping in USA only

New Brew Group 62100-2d331.jpg

Purchase new brew group - BUY NOW

New Brew Group does not include guide and coffee outlet spout. Please use the guide and coffee outlet spout from the old brew group.

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