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Jura Brewing Unit

Jura Brewing Unit OEM Parts

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Jura brewing unit or also known as Jura brewing group is the frequent source of problem in all Jura Capresso fully automatic espresso machines.  The machine displays ERROR 8 when the brewing unit starts to malfunction.  It makes it even difficult to repair and refurbish as you would need to take your machine apart to access it and then fix it.  We are here to help all Jura Capresso espresso machine owners with repairing their Jura brewing unit.  We carry Jura OEM brewing unit for replacement and also sell Jura Capresso OEM brewing unit o-rings and repair kit for owners who prefer to fix the Jura brewing unit themselves.

Jura brewing unit is identical in all Jura espresso machines.  The upper piston, lower piston, the lower piston gear, the brew group cylinder or body is exactly identical to all brewing units used in Jura espresso machines.  Jura C, E, F, S, and some X series espresso machines used identical brewing group.  This also includes older Capresso C1000, C1300, C1500, C2000, and C3000 espresso machines.  Brewing unit for Z5, Z6, Z7, and Z9 are identical.  Similarly, brew group for Jura ENA series are identical excluding ENA9 Micro OT.  Jura J5, J6, J7, and J9 use the similar brew group.

Jura Brew Group Drainage Valve:  The drainage valve is part of the Jura brewing unit that is attached to the bottom of the brew group.  It connects the water inlet teflon tube from the hot water thermoblock to the brewing unit.  It controls the flow of water to the brewing unit via a magnetic drainage valve.  The magnetic drainage valve has an inch long stainless steel pin that pushes the drainage valve to open the drainage valve to allow the water through to the brew group for espresso brewing.

Jura Brew Group Repair Instructions: Please CLICK HERE to watch the Jura Brew Group rebuilding instructions that includes Disassembly, Replacing the O-Rings, and Reassembly.

Jura Z5 Brewing Unit:  The brew group installed in Jura Z5 and Jura Z6 is identical.  In fact both machines are identical in terms of functioning.  It is not as difficult to remove and replace the Jura Z5 brewing unit.  We have an illustrated repair guide that will walk you through step by step brew group replacement instructions.  The Jura OEM original brew unit o-rings are also available.

The Jura Clearyl water filter, descaling and cleaning tablets are preventative products and do not remove Calcium deposits. A tablet dropped in the brew group only cleans the brew group and coffee outlet. Calcium sediment accumulates in the entire hydraulic system (pump, membrane regulator, heaters, thermo blocks, heat exchangers, Ceramic valve and steam valve. The Calcium sediment reduces flow of water, increases load on the pump, causing leakage of membrane regulator, Heat exchanger and Drainage valve. This causes machine to stop working with all kinds of error codes and expensive repairs. Descaling is done by flushing the machine every two or three months. This is the single most important maintenance for all espresso machines. Cleancaf, Cafiza, Brew Rite, Pulycaff, Joe Glow are products sold as descaler but they contain only Baking Soda and are totally ineffective. Order Best descaler #DSC-6 from our Internet store

Jura Capresso Repairs:  Most Jura Capresso espresso machines get ERROR 8 which is related to the brew group.  However, there is another vital component in all Jura Capresso espresso machines that required frequent replacement.  This is the Jura Membrane Regulator that is connected to the Jura Invensys pump.  It's primary function is to regulate the flow of water.  The membrane regulator may start to malfunction due to scale build up in the machine or simply needs replacement.  We carry two typed of Jura OEM membrane regulators, one with a hair pin lock, and the other without.  The one without the hair pin lock is used primarily in Jura Z series espresso machines.  It is firmly installed compare to the hair pin one and rarely leaks.  In case of the leaking membrane regulator, the Jura transformer can be damaged as it is located next to the pump.  Water leaking or dripping from the leaking membrane regulator can spill over the Jura electrical transformer and cause it to burn out.

We repair all Jura Capresso espresso machines at our repair facility in PA.  Since we carry almost all parts in 120V, we repair the machine within a week, or latest 2-3 weeks.  We charge a flat rate for complete repairs that includes brew group refurbishing. Check should be made payable to Services Unlimited Inc.  Return shipping is included in the flat rate for repair except for Alaska, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii.. 

Click Here for Jura machine shipping instructions.

We welcome all questions and issues related to repairing and servicing your Jura Capresso machines. 

Email inquiries to sales@partsguru.com


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