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Brew Group is the heart of all the fully automatic espresso machines. It is highly imperative to properly clean and maintain it to extract the finest quality of aromatic and flavorful espresso. The importance and function of brew group in Jura Capresso espresso machines is more than any other fully automatic brands. It's size and location is very different and inaccessible; it is most complication unlike Saeco, DeLonghi or Gaggia espresso machines.

Unlike Saeco and DeLonghi espresso machines, access to Jura brew group is almost impossible for Jura Capresso owners. Due to it's difficult access, owners are not able to clean, lubricate and maintain the brew group. The entire machine needs to be dismantled to remove the brew group. To lubricate or replace brew head piston seals, and drainage valve o-rings, the entire brew group must be taken apart which is a technical nightmare. Without proper tools and previous experience we do not recomment anyone to attempt it.

Jura brew group should be cleaned, santized, and lubricated at least once every six months. While brewing, the coffee ground spills over the drainage valve and around the brew group inside the machine. Over time and without cleaning the brew group, there is a potential of fungus buildup in and around the drainage valve located at the bottom of the brew group. See the link below for more information.

YouTube video on Jura Brew Group maintenance: PartsGuruUSA

Youtube video on Opening Jura J series machine and removing the Jura J series Brew Group:  Open Jura J9

Youtube video on Opening Jura C, E, and F series machine and removing the Jura Brew Group: Open Jura C, E, F



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We recommend cleaning and sanitizing the Jura brew group once every six months. We encourage Jura Capresso espresso machine owners to maintain the brew group often. Should you find it difficult to do so, you can send your Jura Capresso machine to us for thorough brew group service, maintenance, and sanitization. Our experienced technicians have been servicing and repairing Jura Capresso machines in USA since 2002. Since we carry all Jura Capresso replacement parts, we can service and repair the Jura brew group and replace other parts.

We offer several service and maintenance packages for Jura Capresso owners:

 Type of Package

Package Description 


New Brew Group 62100-2d331.jpg

Purchase new brew group - BUY NOW

New Brew Group does not include guide and coffee outlet spout.  Please use the guide and coffee outlet spout from the old brew group.

Have Questions?  Email us Sales@PartsGuru.com

$199.99 - plus shipping and handling in USA only

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